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In some tunnel areas,the driving environment is complex and thefield of view is not open,which often becomes accident-proneareas.Therefore,professional wireless communication equipment hasbecome an indispensable equipment for tunnel daily work,emergency rescue and command and dispatch.



This solution consists of a signalaccess module,signal bearingmodule and signal output module,connecting the last distancebetween the 5G core network andthe user terminal.The solutionsupports transmission andreception of 2.6GHz of ChinaMobile's 5GNR,3.5GHz of ChinaTelecom's 5G NR and 2G/3G/4G ofChina Mobile,China Unicom andChina Telecom,meeting theoperator's independent network,and also supporting their2G/3G/4G5G co-site sharing andother network construction needs.