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In the face of increasingly complex urban drone applicationscenarios, grid-based managing the general urban airspace, dividingdifferent regional grid levels, and using the drone countermeasuresystem to detect and counteract the key grid airspace under control, to realize the functions of drone positioning, identification, drivingaway, and pilot positioning. Build an urban grid drone monitoringplatform to achieve centralized and unified supervision of urban low-altitude airspace.



The counter UAV intelligent control system developed by ourcompany can transmit directional or omnidirectional electromagneticinterference signals through the counter UAV equipment,suppressthe control signals and satellite signals of the UAV for datatransmission,cut of the contact between the UAV and the outsideworld,and achieve the purpose of counter UAV.
Tunel (2)2hw

Comprehensive & Smart

● Enhanced and automatic detection, classification and neutralization capabilities
● Immediate detection, classification of drones and operators
● Accurate direction, location, tracking of drones/operators
● Smart COMJAM mitigation – Clean Spectrum and GNSS Jamming
● Quick installation and easy operation - auto or manual
● Friend and foe detection with capability to detect
● Reliable Scalable & Modular
● Ensures multi-layer detection
● Customizable to meet user defined requirements
● Premium and fully automated C2 platform
● Day and night operating capability in urban, semi-urban and rural environments
● Various installation configurations (mobile, stationery, portable, vehicular, hand-held, etc.)
● Extended coverage range